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This page contains information our guests (and Marilyn) have provided about local conditions:

April 23, 2011

I have just received an email from a blog reader asking where my blog entries had gone. There hadn't been one since January. how did the last 3 months get away from me?

Our winter quarter was better than last year which meant lots of ice fishermen and snowmobilers were in enjoying Beaver Cove Camps and the Northwoods of Maine. Cusk fishing was really good out front this year as lots of fishermen comment on the numbers that they were catching. Not only a lot but really nice sized ones as well. And for the first time in a long time, I heard more Brook trout being caught out front as well. The Lake Trout regulations have changed again for Moosehead Lake so the reports of large numbers of trout being caught weren't as good as in the past couple of years. But they did say the ones that were caught were fat.

With snowmobile and atv trail access now via the road from camp, several groups went over to try their fishing knowledge at Prong Pond and they were not disappointed. They enjoyed it so much that they booked second weekends to come back and explore the pond again.

The ATV trails were suppose to open around May 14 but, with the snow hanging around and the cooler spring weather, that date might be delayed a bit. As I typed this up (April 23 early afternoon) it was snowing and blowing with estimated accumulation of up to 1" of ice/sleet/snow expected for this afternoon.

Last year, we had an almost record breaking early ice out date of April 15. The record is April 14. Who knows, perhaps this year, it will be close to a record breaking ice out in the other direction. That little spot on the webcam that looks like open water is usually open but every morning when we wake up, it is frozen back over again.

May 1 is the beginning of open water fishing for Moosehead Lake and First Roach River. The River is open I believe. And well, you could fish from the dock maybe by May 1 but I won't guarantee that. There are several local folklore ideas that surface during this time. And from that, here is what I hear: Moosehead Lake's ice out is about 3-4 weeks after Lake Winnepasaukee's in NH. That would target ice out around the middle of May. The best open water fishing is 2 weeks after ice out which should put it right at Memorial Day weekend. Do you have your reservations yet?

See you in camp!

January 17, 2011

We had a wonderful group of people in camp this weekend with everyone having success. With the recent change to riding the road over to Prong Pond, a couple of cabins headed over in that direction and were catching 14" Brookies. Just out of camp, someone caught a 17" Brookie that they think probably weighed about 1.5-2 pounds. Those are some good size Brook Trout being taken so far this winter season. In fact, I think the 17" one is the biggest I have heard about come into camp in the 10 years we have owned the camps

Ice conditions are pretty good. No slush with 3-5" of snow cover. 10-12" of ice out front. Forgot to ask how much was at Prong. I do know they were using night crawlers over at Prong Pond.

With more snow on the way tomorrow night, the snowmobile trails should be in pretty good condition. We received 10" last week, 13" the prior storm and expecting 7"+ this week. Time to make those reservations!

Have had some fun seeing some new wildlife recently. It is amazing that we have lived here 10 years and are just now seeing these critters. We have seen 2 coyotes on Black Point Road about 1 mile from camp. I hear they do horrible damage but they do look really beautiful from the quick glances we got of them. We also saw an ermine crossing Lily Bay Road. It was a small little thing but the kids had fun watching it run across the road and scramble up the snow bank.

See you in camp!

December 6, 2010

After a rather calm fall, we finally received our first significant snowfall which won't be going away for a while. Friday night we received 8" of wet heavy snow. We plowed it back and then last night the onslaught began. By 9 this morning, we had 8" of fresh powder in our driveway waiting to be plowed away during Dave's lunch break. All didn't go well, the plow came off the right mount but that didn't take too long to fix and he was on his way again. After he finished work for the day, he headed back out again to plow away another 5" of powder that was getting blown around by the increased winds. So we went from no snow Friday afternoon to 21" as of 5 pm, this will be a good start to the snowmobile trails and a white Christmas.

Now to relax my aching shoulder muscles....how is it that they don't get worked much during the summer with lifting vacuums and cleaning supplies but pick up that shovel and everything rebels?

See you in camp.

November 11, 2010

Yippee! Times 2!

First, we now have local road access for snowmobiles and ATVs!! At our town meeting Monday night, the Beaver Cove selectmen voted 3-0 in favor of opening up the roads for snowmobile and ATV traffic for local residents and guests. This will provide for safer passage to access the ITS trails only a couple miles away. We are excited to offer this to our guests as an alternative to the snowmobile trail over the lake in Winter. And now we won't have to turn away the increasing business with ATV enthusiasts who want direct access to the trails from our camps instead of trailering to Prong Pond road.

We expect our guests to ride with the rules of the road and be very conscious of the fact the local residents have worked very hard to make this happen. Over the years, there have been a number of 'debates' regarding this issue. Access to the roads for motorized recreational equipment is a privilege not a right and it can be taken away from us. If everyone is respective of the rules and self-police those few who could ruin it for all, then we can enjoy this new priviledge for the long term. Otherwise, we are back to offering only lake access to the trails in winter. And during the summer, well, I don't think atv's float. :-/

The second Yippee: we finally got our new webcam online and providing gorgeous pictures (depending on weather of course). In addition to higher resolution and crisper pictures updated more frequently, we also provide a time-lapse video that is updated regularly showing the previous 24 hours. Unfortunately, real-time video streaming is still not practical with our current internet connection. See you in camp!

October 13, 2010

On the way to town 2 weeks ago, I came around the corner to see a beautiful array of colors from the changing leaves. Today, the brightness and beauty is changing to shades of brown and gray. And as my daughter said yesterday, more trees are becoming nekkid...having lost their leaves. With a few days of high winds, there are quite a few trees without their leaves. Just a sign of things to come I guess.

Our guests this week went home with the satisfaction of a successful moose hunt. One moose weighed about 750 and had a spread of 56"...the biggest measurement this fall up to this point in Kokadjo. The adrenaline was still running pretty high when they came in around 10 pm.

I have seen a few birds on the main road in the past few days. And I would have to think that if they are near the main roads, there must be lots of them out in the woods on the gravel roads. And speaking of birds, we have seen lots of turkeys as well. Some in district 9 and district 4. Seems to be a growing population of turkeys in the area which may possibly bring turkey hunting to district 9.

Deer hunting will soon be going on in the area. We look forward to seeing our deer hunters back for another year.

Enjoy the fall season!

August 11, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Wow! Where did July go? Unlike the last two summers, this summer has been spectacular. Little rain, sunny days, cool nights, a short stretch of humidity, and here we are...almost the middle of August.

Fishing has been good. Hiking has been great. Our kids are trying new things this summer and everyone's sense of adventure is being peeked. We have had more people out white water rafting than we have had in a long time. All reports coming back are the views are great and the water was nice when some took an unexpected swim in the river. That's what those life jackets are for. Hang on around your neck, get your feet heading downstream, and catch up with the raft. Fun times.

There is still plenty of time to get in that last minute vacation before the kids go back to school or now is the time to schedule your September/October visit for leaf peeping season or wildlife viewing.

See you in camp.

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