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You'll find yourself comfortably at home in our clean rustic cabins. The cabins are heated with modern propane gas heaters with thermostatic control. The cabins have utility-supplied electricity 24 hours a day unless, of course, there is an outage. When one of those frequent outages occurs, our standby generator will kick in to provide you lighting, refrigeration and water through the remainder of the interruption of service.

Each cabin has a fully-equipped kitchen with gas range, refrigerator, cookware, dishes, silverware, glassware, a toaster and some method to make your coffee in the morning: most are automatic coffee makers while at least one cabin has the tried-but-true stove-top percolator. Next to the kitchen area you'll find a table and chairs for your dining comfort.

In all but one cabin. the bedrooms have twin-size beds and/or bunkbeds (Brookie has one double bed). We provide the sheets, pillows, and blankets. In the bathroom, you'll find a flush toilet, shower, and a set of towels for your stay. We also provide the toilet paper. In the living area, you'll find a sofa plus an easy chair or two.

There are no clocks, radios, televisions or phones in any of the cabins. Radio and television reception is fairly limited if you can receive them at all. And, as for cell phones, some will work here in camp while others won't -- depends on your provider. Outside each cabin, you'll find a picnic table, lawn chairs, and a fire pit. All cabins have a porch. Some are covered but none are screened in.

So what do you need to bring with you besides your food, clothes, and outdoor activity equipment?

  • Soaps: both for dishwashing and personal hygiene
  • Scrub pad for pots and pans
  • Paper products (we supply toilet paper), matches (firewood is available for purchase), ...
  • Any special cookware you might want while you are here (example: lobster pot, gas grill, ...)
  • Aluminum foil for cooking over the fire pit
  • Alarm clock to get you up early for the hunt, fish, viewing wildlife, or catching a sunrise.
  • Small fan for hot summer days
  • Flashlight

Below is an exterior photo of each cabin and a short description. You can click on the picture to go to a page with more pictures and text about that cabin.

Note: We will try to honor specific cabin requests as much as much as possible. However, we must reserve the right to place your group in another cabin should scheduling or improvements require a change.

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Kit was built in 1904 using traditional French-Canadian vertical log construction. Sitting 20 feet above the shoreline, this cabin offers a fine view of the lake and mountains. The cabin can accommodate 2 people very comfortably.   <click for more pictures>

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Brookie has been called our "honeymoon" cabin by many. The only cabin in the camps with a double bed, you will find its private setting to be just what honeymooners want and single guests need when getting away for some badly needed rest and relaxation. This cabin also provides you with a view of the lake and the mountains.
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Rainbow is a nice cabin for a group of up to four people. This cabin, built in 1986, is somewhat removed from the other cabins. You'll be amazed at how peaceful it is here in Beaver Cove. You have a view of the lake and the mountains as you gaze from the backyard. The bedroom has 2 twins and a bunkbed.  <click for more pictures>

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Beaver was built in 1905 and sleeps up to 6 people. Built using the French-Canadian vertical log construction, the main room has two twin beds while the bedroom consists of 2 twins and a bunk bed. You have a fantastic view of the lake, Burnt Jacket Mountain and Big Squaw Mountain.  <click for more pictures>

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Laker & Silversides

These cabins were built in 1985 and can accommodate up to seven people each. There are two bedrooms on the main floor with a total of five twin beds. The loft has two twin beds. The cabins are located approximately 100 feet from the shoreline which can be accessed via the boat launch.   <click for more pictures>

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