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Ice fishing

boy with fish With a number of fishing locations in the area, Beaver Cove Camps can be your base station for a couple of days or a week. Moosehead Lake itself is home to Togue (Lake Trout), Brook Trout, Landlock Salmon and Cusk (poor man's lobster). In some nearby ponds, you'll be able to catch perch and possibly some bass. Ice on Moosehead Lake can range in thickness upwards of 3 to 4 feet by the end of the season but don't let that stop you from the excitement of ice fishing. Our guests often bring their own ice shack or may rent one from a local guide. Some just set their traps out in front of the cabins and enjoy the view while waiting for the strike.


The State of Maine is home to more than 12000 miles of snowmobile trails. The ITS system and local trails in the Moosehead Lake Region are some of the best you will find in New England. As you travel the trails you'll experience the fantastic views from mountaintops to observing the wildlife in the valleys. You can find a snowmobile to rent from several local outfitters including Northwood Outfitters. And if you hire a local guide, you'll be able to get to some of the most beautiful areas in the back woods where the real adventure is found.


Snow! Snow! And more Snow! The white sutff can be found all over the Moosehead Lake Region. Groomed cross country trails are just a few miles north and south of us. For those who want to forge their own trail, all one needs to do is step outside your cabin and go forth.

For the downhill skiing enthusiasts, Big Squaw Mountain is on the other side of the lake. More than thirty trails, four lifts and inexpensive tickets will appeal to all downhill skiers from the novice to the experienced.


What a fantastic way to enjoy the backwoods: with a pack of dogs, a dogsled and their musher. You can choose to be a passive rider or lead the pack of dogs under the supervision of the musher. Go out during the day or enjoy an evening moonlit ride. Go on a clear day or when the snow is falling. Either way, you'll enjoy the experience and come back wanting to do it again. Let us know the dates you want to go and we can set up the time and the team to give you the experience of a lifetime.


Do you have cabin fever? Want to explore the outdoors without all the expense? Want to get into the back woods and see what is there during the middle of winter? Want to follow those foot prints but find yourself sinking into 3' of snow? Rent a pair of snowshoes from the local outfitters and get yourself out into the woods or across a cove to explore what the region has to offer.

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