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Summer fishing in the Moosehead Region offers many choices for anglers of every interest. The big lake offers trolling at depth for Lake Trout and Salmon, as well as Brook Trout along the rocky shores. Most will seek the elusive Lakers, using the latest in fish finders and downriggers to reach the awesome depths preferred by these wary fish. Specimens in the 4 to 10 pound range will be taken each summer. Live bait, sewn on in the traditional fashion, with large spoons as attractors tied in front of the bait work best. Spoons help the fish notice your bait as they gather and reflect more light where little is available at such depths. Fly fishing parties will seek the cold flows of the Kennebec and the famed West Branch of the Penobscot, arguably one of the best salmon rivers in the state. Many areas, including Roach River, just north of our location, are under catch and release regulations so be sure to check the rule book. High elevation mountain ponds will yield beautiful wild native Brook Trout, some in the 2 to 3 pound range. Dry flies are the preferred method now as many hatches occur throughout the summer at these high elevations and in the many spring-fed lakes and ponds. We offer canoes at a variety of remote mountain ponds in the area, most are fly fishing only. We provide directions, paddles and life jackets, you provide the energy. Most are a 30-45 minute walk from where you will park, and offer remote settings and exciting fishing where you will rarely see another fisherman all day. Check in with Dan Legere at the Maine Guide Fly Shop in Greenville for daily hatch information and the best flies in the area. Dan also offers expert guided fly fishing ventures in the region. He can be reached at 207-695-2266. Local Registered Maine Guides are available for fishing Moosehead Lake and surrounding ponds. We will be happy to help you with making arrangements with one of these guides.


The summer months offer some of the best hiking in New England, right here in the mountains of Maine. The Appalachian Trail traverses the "Hundred Mile Woods", the last 100 miles of the northern end of the trail terminating at Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. The trail crosses just east of Greenville through the Gulf Hagas Gorge area, billed as the "Grand Canyon of the East". The gorge offers some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Maine as it winds its way down from the Lyford Ponds. Additionally, the many mountains in the area offer wonderful day hikes to such peaks as Big and Little Spencer, Lobster Mountain, Elephant Mountain, and of course Big Squaw Mountain, overlooking the entire length of Moosehead Lake. Some of the local peaks include the opportunity to climb a fire tower at the summit, for an ever more breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and lakes. We are located centrally to all of these hikes, most within a 20 minute drive of the starting point. The AMC offers trail maps for the Appalachian Trail, and many of the local day hikes are also mapped and available here at the camps. Please note that some hikes are not suitable for small children, so please check with us or the Appalachian Mountain Club in advance for further information.

Canoeing, Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting

One of the great pleasures of the Northwoods in the summer is enjoying the famous rivers. A multitude of rafting companies are available for day trips on the Kennebec, the Penobscot and the Dead Rivers. Each company offers packages for both individuals and groups, and often include a riverside lunch along the way. Pick up points for several companies include Greenville, so you need not drive far to connect with a trip. Additionally, there are several guide services which offer canoe and kayak trips on the St. John River and the famous Allagash Wilderness Waterway. We can assist with any and all reservations for River trips throughout the summer season. We offer canoes for your pleasure here at the camps, as well as at remote ponds throughout the region. Rentals of a variety of kayaks, as well as shuttle service for day or longer river trips are also available through Northwoods Outfitters in Greenville. Kayaks may be delivered to you here at the camps with advance notice. Northwoods Outfitters may be reached by phone at 207-695-3288.

Swimming and Boating

Swimming is one of our passions here at Beaver Cove, we swim daily throughout the summer. The water temperatures often reach the low 70's at the height of the warm months, especially here in the cove and elsewhere on the lake where shallow coves abound. We often swim off the boat wherever we are on the lake. The water is crystal clear and cool, offering excellent visibility to depths of more than 30 feet. Most of the lake bottom is rock or gravel, so swimming is a pleasure anywhere you may choose to cool off. Moosehead Lake, covering more than 74,400 acres, offers the boater a nearly unending variety of water to explore. Most of the shoreline is uninhabited, and much of it is Maine Public Reserve Land, offering free day use to visitors. You may explore the lake and its nearly 320 mile shoreline for days without repeating your stops. Boat rentals of all types are available at Beaver Cove Marina, a short trip down the cove from our location. They may be reached for reservation purposes at 207-695-3526.

The waters of Moosehead are vast, and as such afford the boater unmatched wilderness-like environs for exploration. The sheer vastness of the lake however, deserves a strong measure of respect for the unfamiliar boating party. The lake may become as rough as the ocean, with squalls building waves from 4 to 6 feet in mere moments, and wind driven rain may obscure even the largest of landmarks. Be sure to notify someone of your intended route and time of return, and never go without map and compass. The Maine Warden Service is well equipped for wilderness and lake rescue, but it is by far their most dreaded duty. They may risk their own lives to save yours, so go prepared, and err on the side of caution.

Personal watercraft are currently legal on Moosehead Lake, however there is strong sentiment throughout the region to prohibit their use. The wilderness environment here does not mix well with the noise and antics common among such craft. In recognition of these facts, we would ask that you leave your personal watercraft home.

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